Last month, two women were found shot in the head and their bodies burned in a Chinatown building in what police said was an execution-style murder. Police removed a suspect in the killings from a JFK flight to Hong Kong on Monday—and it turns out he's allegedly involved in a shuttle service spat.

The Post reports, "The man, whose name was withheld, was led off the Delta flight at 1:45 p.m. by members of the Joint Terrorism Task Force and NYPD and PAPD cops. 'He was already in his seat. The doors were closing and the jet was preparing to take off. As soon as this guy saw us, he knew he was had,' said a source. The man was described by the source as a 'hard-core gang member' with 'tattoos on his hands and fingers.'" He's believed to be behind the deaths of Xiao L. Li, 70, who was shot once at close range, and Yong Hua Chen, 36, who was shot in the right eyebrow and left eyeball (both were found on the first floor of 83 Henry Street, which was also burned).

The News adds, "Song Fei Li, 34, who was arrested Monday afternoon on a flight bound for China, has not been charged in the murders, but cops say he has information about the crime. Meanwhile, Li, who is a driver for a Chinatown bus service, is now being held on witness intimidation charges after he threatened to kill the driver of a Brooklyn shuttle service whose tires he slashed, according to a criminal complaint filed in Brooklyn."

Chen, according to DNAinfo, had allegedly stolen $200,000: "Murder suspect Song Fei Li was tapped to recover the cash from Chen, but he allegedly shot her" and Li. Li may have stolen the money and then tried to escape.