Manhattan's Chinatown might want to think of a new name, because it's not actually home to the most Chinese people anymore, according to new city data. If you want to get in with the Chinese crowd these days, Sunset Park and Flushing are where it's at.

In the 2010 Census, both Sunset Park and Flushing tallied more Chinese residents than Chinatown, with numbers steadily increasing, while Chinatown's Chinese population actually declined, according to the Asian American Federation. Chinese residents and community advocates attribute the shift to a combination of "housing, jobs and immigration" changes in recent years. Perhaps unaccounted for are the Chinatown headaches caused by out-of-control buses, violent cops, and, of course, smelly blocks.

And while one Chinatown landlord told the Daily News that Chinatown will keep on keepin' on because that's where the most Chinese lawyers, doctors and funeral parlors are, we know that when it comes to the stuff that really matters—noodles—Sunset Park's got downtown beat.