2006_09_fungwah.jpgThirty three Fung Wah bus passengers were injured when a bus "rolled off an exit ramp" in Massachusetts yesterday. The State Police said, "It appears the bus was probably traveling too fast for the off-ramp, which caused the bus to roll over on its side." The injuries were not serious, but one woman told the Daily News, "Everybody knew [the driver was speeding]. The weater was fine. The roads weren't slick and it's the middle of the day so traffic wasn't bad. Yes, I have to say it was the driver's fault." Well, he was probably in a hurry to pick up more $15 passengers. While it's scary, it probably won't prevent people from taking them.

Senator Charles Schumer called for more regulations for cut-rate Chinatown buses last year, after one bus caught fire. And for many, the price of a Chinatown bus is right.

Thumbnail photograph of Fung Wah bus from overshadowed on Flickr