A Sun Lee bus from Chinatown headed to Atlantic City was involved in a crash yesterday morning on Route 40. Police say that the bus driver was ejected from the bus and then run over by the bus: Sgt. Monica McMenamin said, "He went through the windshield, and at this point, we've got a ghost driver, with the bus continuing on without anyone at the wheel. The bus continued on and drove over him."

Police are investigating what caused the crash, but mechanical failure may be possible. Police say that the bus was unable to stop at a traffic light and hit two vehicles. The bus driver apparently swerved to avoid hitting more cars (he apparently tried to hit the brakes but yelled "Oh, Jesus!" according to passengers who spoke to the Daily News). However, the AP reports, "smashed into a retaining wall that prevented it from splashing into the water." One passenger told the Daily News, "I was sure we were going to drive off the bridge. We were this close. Everybody was screaming, crying, because the bus wouldn't stop."

The driver is in critical condtion while 25 other passengers were taken to hospitals for their injuries. The uninjured passengers were taken to their destination—the Tropicana Resort and Casino. Another passenger said, "I hit my head against the side. People were screaming for the bus to stop. It was in God's hands at that point... I just feel lucky to be standing. I don't even want to gamble now."