Tenants at 128 Hester Street in Chinatown were evacuated yesterday, because the Department of Buildings found the tenement unsafe—and ordered that the five-story building be demolished. And the tenants are fuming, because they say that their complaints about the building's problems have gone ignored: Besides the vacate order, there are 32 complaints to the DOB, including ones from months ago (April, February), indicating that neighboring construction created cracks in the walls of 128 Hester. City Councilman Alan Gerson's says the DOB ignored tenants' complaints.

According to 1010WINS, "Hotel construction on one side of the building and the demolition of a building on the other side have apparently weakened the 99-year-old structure." One tenant told NY1, "Leaking in the boiler, in the basement. Staircase problems, unstable. Cracks on the wall, holes in the ceiling, termites on the floor, holes in the floor. Everywhere has problems, but when you call the landlord, no one picks up the phone."

Asian Americans for Equality's Chris Kui said, "This is becoming a trend in the neighborhood and a lot of owners are not doing anything to fix up the buildings. They leave the building in really poor condition and people are living under these terrible situations for a long long time." The building's ground floor tenant is the restaurant Hong Kong Station; the residential tenants were put up by the Red Cross and must find new homes.