While just last week we reported that Manhattan's Chinatown was losing its Chinese edge to Chinatowns in Flushing and Sunset Park, it turns out that we were forgetting one other nouveau Chinese hotspot...Harlem.

Harlem and East Harlem have seen their Chinese populations grow by an astounding 200 percent in the past ten years, reports the Daily News, who analyzed data from the Center for Urban Research. Why the influx? More space and cheaper rent, of course. The area even has a brand-new, babyfaced Chinese speaking community liaison!

But unlike the city's Chinatowns, Harlem is still lacking in Chinese goods and services: "Chinese people like Chinese food and Chinese vegetables," said Harlem resident Yang Xiu Ain, who takes the bus to Chinatown to load up on groceries twice a week. "It's good if more Chinese come here," she said. "Maybe then we can have a Chinese supermarket."