A therapist told Officer Frank Chiafari to "politely decline" when asked to tell the awful story of the day Travis the chimp mauled Charla Nash in CT, ripping off her hands and face, but recently he made an exception. According to the officer—who's been denied Workers Comp for a PTSD claim after shooting the animal—it all started with a "humorous-sounding" call across the radio early last year. “[It] came over as ‘monkey attacking someone,’" he told the Times. But as he drove to scene he thought “Wait a minute, that’s Travis.” He'd met the "friendly" chimpanzee before: Travis's owners had a towing company and would sometimes bring him along when police called them to move vehicles. Chiafari pulled up he saw what looked like a pile of clothes. “Then I realized it’s a human being,” he said. “It was all ripped apart.” That's when Travis began bashing the window of his cruiser.

The chimp, who was bloody because his owner had stabbed him with a butcher's knife, went around and opened the passenger door. "Now we’re, like, face to face with each other. Our eyes met,” Chiafari remembers. “He gave me a split second to react. He shows his teeth, a snarl, and I see blood. I see his fangs. I just start to shoot.”

After killing the chimp, Chiafari says he "crashed." “I’d always heard of post-traumatic stress. Tell you the truth, I don’t think I believed in it,” he said. But in the months that followed he'd go to the mall and imagine women without faces, see repeated images of Travis's fingers— "like sausages"—hitting his car's window and avoid wearing red because it reminded him of blood, both Nash's and Travis's. “On TV, ‘When Animals Attack’ — I turn it off,” he said

On Thursday Chiafari will testify on behalf of a proposed legislation to allow officers who fire at animals to receive worker's compensation for mental and emotional impairment. Still he recognizes that he and Nash aren't the only injured parties: “I consider [Travis] a victim,” he said. “He should have been in the jungle where he’s supposed to be. Not in a house drinking wine and taking Xanax.”