today's high temperaturesToday's our lucky day! As late as 4:30 this morning, Gothamist was having a little insomnia problem, the Weather Service was calling for widespread freezing rain during the morning rush. Thankfully, that threat and the mess it would have created, have passed and all we've got to worry about today is a few flurries.

That's right, it may snow today. Just a few flurries now and again, with maybe a heavier snow shower this evening. The snow doesn't look like it will amount to much, but there may be a dusting on the ground by late tonight.

Temperatures will remain on the cool side all week. Friday is looking especially chilly, with a high of 25 if we're lucky. Even though the first half of January was 13.5 degrees above normal, we predict that later in the week we will overhear someone complain about how cold this winter has been. We don't know why, but people have very short weather memories.

We recently found a bit of weather-mappy goodness. The Tornado History Project has put fifty-five years of tornado data into Google Maps. You can make maps of tornadoes by date, intensity, location or any combination of the three. There's an option to plot tornadoes, tornado paths, or both. One limitation is you can't plot just two states. It's either one state or all the lower 48. Despite that, there's still a lot of geeky map fun to be had.

Today's high temperatures from the National Digital Forecast Database.