It's been all smiles this week for Chile's biggest Elvis Presley fan, Edison Pena, one of the 33 miners who were rescued earlier this month after being trapped underground for 70 days. He charmed America on the Late Show with Dave Letterman the other night, singing a bit of "Suspicious Minds" to Dave's delight. At a Chilean restaraunt last night, he was congratulated and embraced by locals: "I didn’t expect it. I was a very warm welcome. People in New York are very warm,” a translator for Pena said. And he wasn't just referring to our space heaters! (Instant Rimshot)

Pena, who was nicknamed "The Runner" by his fellow miners, is in town to run in the NYC Marathon tomorrow. But the rest of his upcoming US-plans seem to revolve around the King: he will go to Memphis to see Graceland, followed by a jaunt to Las Vegas to see "Viva Elvis," a Cirque du Soleil show based on Elvis Presley's music.

But not everyone was in on the love-fest. Those curmudgeons at the Post don't get what the big deal is, and only saw the negative stuff. According to them, Pena has been dissapointed by the city, because the hot dogs were only "so-so" and the Statue of Liberty wasn't as white as he thought it would be. Maybe with no Paladino to kick around anymore, the Post is itching to start a fight with anyone they can find.