2003_7_davidchilds.jpgAnother twist in the WTC redesign: The redesigned WTC will get the 1,776 spire, but, as the Post and Times report, now Larry Silverstein's architect, David Childs, is the "design architect and project manager" and selected WTC redesign plan architect Daniel Libeskind will have a more limited role as "collaborating architect during the concept and schematic design phases." David Childs had been working with developer Silverstein, and is a partner at Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill; the Daily News says that Childs distanced himself from Skidmore's entry for the WTC redesign.

Much of the negotiating was needed in order to get construction of the "Freedom Tower" (the worst name possible thinks Gothamist) started by summer of next year, a mandate from Governor Pataki. Greg.org pointed out yesterday that Governor Pataki's demand coincides with the Republican National Committee convention in NY next year.

Also, Daniel Libeskind is finally a licensed architect in New York.