The good news is, that dismembered body part found on a lawn in Rosedale Queens Sunday was not a child's foot, as initially reported, but rather a bear paw. The bad news is there could be one pissed-off bear hobbling around Queens looking for some payback. And apparently, this sort of mix-up happens all the time.

The Times spoke with Bradley Adams, the chief forensic anthropologist in the New York City medical examiner’s office, and he asks, "How could someone confuse a bear and a human? It’s more common than you think." Hey, who hasn't woken up next to a bear after a wild, passionate night with a hirsute stranger? Dr. Adams says the city deals with about 30 animal bones mistaken for human remains every year, but usually he gets sent body parts for more "food-oriented" animals. Bears are more rare.

In this case, Dr. Adams reviewed an X-ray of the decomposing paw on Monday morning and was confident it was a bear. He later confirmed this by examining the paw in person. Of course, it's unclear how the paw and the bear were separated, but he speculates that it could be a hunter cut the claws off for a trophy or necklace, then tossed the rest in the general direction of the garbage. But in a happy twist, the paw won't go to waste—it'll remain with the medical examiner's office for "teaching purposes."