A three-year-old child and a woman taking care of her drowned in the backyard pool of a Lawrence home. According to Newsday, toddler Naama Markovits was pronounced dead at a Far Rockaway hospital while nanny Lorena Canales-Mejia, 32, of Inwood, had been on a ventilator at the hospital but died during the night.

The pair were spotted floating in the deep end of the pool by the child's 5-year-old brother. Naama's brother ran for help, screaming, "My sister and the nanny are floating in the pool!" The Daily News reports that painter Jony Granados, who was working on the house, made a "heroic effort" to pull out the child and nanny, performing CPR and calling 911.

It's unclear what happened. Nassau Det. Lt. Kevin Smith said,
"It's blistering hot down here. She may have lost her footing, slipped into the deep end, and far enough away from the side that she was unable to cling to anything or hold on to the child as well." And a neighbor said, "It's a kid, a child, 3 years of age. I mean, anybody's kid, anywhere in the world, a 3-year-old kid, it's just very sad."