2007_05_toddlercar.jpgA two-year-old toddler was struck and killed by his mother's Jeep Thursday afternoon. The freak accident occurred outside their home in the Throgs Neck section of the Bronx, when Bricy Mercedes was getting son Christopher out of his carseat . From the Post:

Holding him in her arms, she opened the front door and reached across the passenger seat to grab a bag - but the bag knocked the gearshift into neutral, a source said.

The car started rolling and the momentum caused the front door to push her over. She fell and dropped Christopher.

The car ran over the toddler and continued down the driveway until hitting a van in the street. Neighbors ran to help Mercedes, one of whom gave the baby CPR. It was too late and Christopher died at the hospital.

Brisy Mercedes had wailed, "My husband! My husband just got killed in the war! What am I going to do? My baby! My baby! I can't lose my baby." and "He's all I have ... I don't have anyone, he's all I have." Specialist Sergio Mendez was killed in a Humvee accident while serving in Iraq two months before son Christopher was born. Sergio's cousin told the Post, "Oh man, she's in a bad situation. She just lost her husband and now she just lost her first and only baby." The police are not filing any charges, noting that it was a terrible accident, and Mercedes was being treated at Jacobi hospital for shock.