2007_04_bxgirl.jpgA horrible story is unfolding: A 5-year-old girl was found strangled with a jump rope and hanging from the closet door. The girl, Monigue Fulgham, was found by her grandmother in their Eastchester apartment around 5 or 6PM yesterday.

A godmother told the NY Post, "She was playing with a rope and it was tied around her neck," but the police are investigating the matter further: The Daily News reports that the child was also raped (the Post mentions that the police want to know if she was sexually abused.

Further, the mother and grandmother, who were both in the apartment during the time of the attack, are still being questioned "because of inconsistencies in their statements about who had access to their apartment." Monique's siblings, cousins and aunt also lived in the apartment which is located near an elevator. The Post says that the police are trying to determine whether the death should be classified as an accident or homicide, but an investigator told the News, "This is really one grisly murder."