2006_05_tajmere.jpgA little girl was killed yesterday morning when her aunt's boyfriend started firing his gun after his girlfriend's relatives told him to stop drinking during his birthday weekend; he also wounded three others. Tajmere Clark, 3 or 4 years old (the NY Times and Newsday say 3, the Post and Daily News say 4), was at the apartment of her aunt Jacqueline Warren and her boyfriend, General "Bubba" Waiters, under the care of her grandmother Mary Lee Clark. Either Clark and/or two of Warren's chlidren confronted Waiters about drinking so much in front of the kids, which seemed to set him off. Waiters used a .357 Magnum to fire around the apartment, hitting Tajmere, Clark, and two of his girlfriend's children. Waiters was then tackled into an aquarium (Newsday describes he "had a bloody gash on his head from smashing into the aquarium tank and was lying on the ground surrounded by fish") and arrested by the police. Clark is at Brookdale Hospital, on life support, while Shataisha Warren is in serious condition with a leg wound and Lorenzo Warren is in stable condition.

Waiters had celebrated his 36th birthday the night before. He was on disability, after being injured in a construction accident two years ago, and there is speculation he did not take some medcation.