Last night, a two-year-old child was thrown from a seventh floor balcony in Flushing, Queens, landing on the cement sidewalk. Jerry Zhou, who would have turned three in a few weeks, was pronounced dead at New York Hospital Queens, and a 53-year-old woman who was living with his family and was described by authorities as depressed was taken into custody.

According to WCBS 2, Xiao Cai had been arguing with her daughter when she suddenly grabbed the boy and tossed him from the balcony. Queens DA Richard Brown said, “She attempted thereafter to throw herself off but was pulled off by other people in the apartment. The woman is not related to the baby in any way. It is just a sad and tragic incident." Neighbors say the boy's mother ran down the building's stairs and was later holding the boy's body on the sidewalk, wailing his name. A passerby also tried to administer first aid.

Cai, who was also on medication, is undergoing psychiatric evaluation and faces murder charges. A relative of Cai's told the Daily News, "She's a crazy person. We don't know why she did this."