2003_9_gypsywed.jpgIn this world, 12 year-olds can't cut a break: The self-proclaimed "Gypsy King" of Romania, Florin Cioaba, married off his 12 year-old daughter, Ana Maria, leading Romanian government officials and human rights activists to condemn the marriage. Romanian law is that 16 year-olds need parental support to get married, but Romania allows the Gypsies their traditions. However, Ana Maria clearly did not want to get married to 15 year-old husband, Birita Mihai, as her bridesmaids chanted "Out with Birita!" She also reportedly snorted, "What marriage?" after the ceremony. Man, Gothamist is glad not to be twelve again. Either you have to rob banks for your mom or you have to get married to some dude. No wonder kids are all about the rebellion these days.