Gambian Giant Rats; Photo - APThe boy in New Jersey who was suspected of having monkeypox actually has chickenpox. Yes, chickenpox. In actual monkeypox news, Wisconsin is downplaying the human transmission of monkeypox angle but allows the disease could be airborne. Jeez Louise.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has a wonderful graphic explaining how monkeypox might have come to the U.S., complete with Gambian Giant Rats's route from Africa to here. The Journal-Sentinel is Gothamist's new favorite read because of the coverage of monkeypox, our current obsession. Somehow, this confluence of pox and small animals has caught our imagination.

Updated: Best monkeypox headline, this side of our own "One Prairie Dog to Rule Them All" - CHEESEHEADS STICK IT TO MONKEYPOX WITH SMALLPOX RX, from, what else, The Post.