As if giving birth to deep-pan pizza wasn't enough of a tragedy, two Chicago companies are to blame for producing as many as two million vehicle registration stickers and up to 2.5 million inspection stickers that simply won't stick to car windshields.

As a result, the Department of Motor Vehicles has been flooded with angry drivers, worried they're going to be forced to pay hefty fines -- made even heftier since registration fees increased by about 25 percent for most drivers and NYC drivers have been slapped with a $50 registration fee to help close the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's deficit.

A Windy City conspiracy, perhaps?

DMV Commissioner David Swartz told the NY Times "Why both happened at the same time -- two different vendors, two different processes, two different types of stickers -- it's really a bizarre occurrence." Previously, when the bad sticker defense was presented by a man whose vehicle registration stickers became unglued, earning him two tickets, the judge dismissed the first one but let the second one stand, "The claim that the sticker became unglued does not present a valid defense."