Thanks to last month's stop-and-frisk ruling, New York is on its way to becoming a lawless hellscape of mass murder and routine gun violence—just like Chicago, crows today's Post.

The tabloid seized the opportunity to capitalize on a violent bloodbath that erupted last night in the city's Cornell Square Park, leaving thirteen wounded—including a 3-year-old child—after gang members opened fire on the area. A "high-ranking police source" asserts that such an episode is precisely the type of thing New Yorkers can look forward to now that one mean judge has taken away their unassailable stop-and-frisk power.

“Absolutely, a massive shooting like that could happen here. It’s definitely not uncommon,” the source reportedly said. “There are a lot of guns out there and we’re not allowed to take them off the street anymore.”

This bold statement flies in the face of claims that Police Commissioner Ray Kelly made just yesterday, in which he said that "it's too soon to tell" whether last month's ruling, which deemed stop-and-frisk unconstitutional, is the culprit behind the recent uptick in shootings.

"We don’t have enough information to label it a trend, and we don’t know the reason for it," Kelly said.

Earlier this week, Judge Shira Scheindlin rejected Mayor Bloomberg's request for a stay while the decision is appealed, writing that "the recent reduction in the number of stops appears to have been a positive step toward remedying an improper practice without sacrificing the security of the community."