0908stress.jpgForbes has taken a look at the country's 40 largest cities and declared the most stressful amongst them. The big winner is Chicago, due to the record weekend rainfall, the rising unemployment rate, gas prices, high population density and poor air quality. All of that and more has landed the Windy City in the top spot of America's Most Stressful City list. However, New York isn't far behind, taking the silver at #2 (with Detroit, Los Angeles and San Francisco following). Forbes notes that locals here compete over subways, cabs, apartments, elite preschools, dinner reservations and bartenders' attention so much that it's only adding to the anxiety over costly housing, allergy-inducing pollution, and, you know, everything else. Breathe in, New York, no need to take any crazy stress tests...but maybe sign up for some (overpriced, cramped) yoga classes. [via NY1]