2007_01_bbayfeet.jpgFun statistics about what names are popular amongst new parents in the city. Most notably, the name "Angel" is now the most popular amongst newborn Hispanic boys. The NY Times reports this is the first time a "traditional Spanish name" has been number 1 since the 1980s - usually Hispanic parents choose Kevin and Justin. Angel is the most popular name amongst all males in Arizona and ranks #32 nationally. There are some suggestions about the name's sudden power - it's easy to pronounce, some think some parents want their kids to be angels, it could be a "compromise" name, there are also religious undertones.

What's also fun to learn about: The most popular names by ethnicity. Here they are, from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (note, ethnicity is mother's ethnicity).


Overall, Emily and Michael are the most popular names for babies in NYC. Check out the Social Security Administration's database of popular baby names and also Name Voyager.