This weekend was the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Gothamist missed gonig this year, but we hope to make our way their soon, as the cherry blossoms are at their peak, according to the BBG's Cherry Watch (yes, we snickered, too). If you haven't been to the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, then Gothamist recommends you head out there early and linger in one of the gardens with a book and snack. Then, you can head to the Brooklyn Museum for some art, BAM for a show, or Fifth Avenue (in the Slope) or Smith Street for dinner.

The next big event at the BBG are the roses in June. And if anyone went to the Cherry Blossom Festival and has photographs, let us know and/or trackback to this post. The Times has a gorgeous photograph of kids enjoying the Cherry Festival from James Estrin.