A Chelsea teenager died on West 17th Street yesterday after trying to rappel down the side of his apartment building. The Post reports that 16 year-old Osana Dallas had forgotten his keys and was trying to enter through a window, by tying a rope around his waist and lowering himself down from the roof to the fifth floor apartment. A neighbor said, "I was in the lobby as he was coming in. I said: 'What are you doing here? You don't live here anymore.' He just gave me a strange stare. I just wish he had told me [he was loked out]. We could've figured out how to get into that apartment." (The apartment was in the process of being repainted after a fire forced the family to evacuate it in June; Dallas was at the apartment to cover furniture before painters arrived. It seems weird that the neighbor would just say, "You don't live here anymore," in such a direct manner, versus "Haven't seen you around.") Dallas's high school classmates at Humanities HS started a shrine for him; he was described as being popular and a lover of poetry.

This story reminded Gothamist of another terrible story: The April death of a man trying to crash a midtown party; he had been trying to enter a party through the fire escape in the building's air shaft, but lost his footing and died. We guess it seems tempting and easy to reenter an apartment through the fire escape or by climbing down from the roof, but please don't - try to find a neighbor or someone else to help.