Beginning today there is free WiFi in six Manhattan subway stations, thanks to a wholesome corporate partnership between Google Offers and Transit Wireless. But why not put them in the trains themselves? "That was an M.T.A. call, that they wanted service in the stations only, not in the tunnels," a Transit Wireless spokesman told Capital NY. "So that you are not disturbed riding the subway." Aww, the MTA is worried about us being disturbed on the subway!

Those six stations (listed below) have had cell phone service since September, but the addition of WiFi will make it even easier to compulsively press buttons on the electronic device that is decimating your attention span and making you a magnet for criminals. The service is free until September 7, at which point you'll probably have to pay for it.

By year's end 30 more stations (all in Manhattan) will have T-Mobile and AT&T service (you can see the list here). Thankfully, Verizon users will still be able to tell the people who can't be bothered to leave them alone for twenty goddamn minutes that they were underground, and unable to receive a photo of a $9 Old Fashioned with the caption "Draping Out Bro!!!11!"

Eighth Ave A/C/E

Eighth Avenue L

West 14th L

West 23rd C/E

Seventh Ave 1/2/3

Sixth Ave F/M