More details have emerged about the Saturday murder of German Cabrera at the West 18th Street 1/9 station. Cabrera and his girlfriend were confronted on the subway platform, and Cabrera was shot in the chest. It turns out that one of the suspects is Cabrera's girlfriend's husband or ex (it's unclear who he was, but he had dated the victim's girlfriend), who has had a history of confronting Cabrera. The Post calls the suspect a husband and says the wife went to work and later went to Washington Heights with the husband. Cabrera's father said he had advised his son to break up with the woman because she was already involved, but that Cabrera didn't take it seriously.

In another side of the story, medics are saying that it took them longer to get to Cabrera because the entrance they went to did not have a subway booth open; they had to wait for other commuters to give them Metrocards to let them in. Of course, the MTA is saying that the subway closings were a cost-saving measure, as Cabrera's father suggests his son could have been saved had the medics gotten there early. Can we say "MTA lawsuit"? And then there are lingering questions about how safe the subways really are, after this incident. It's hard to say, but this crime involved people who knew each other, as many murders do.