Poor guys, thieves breaking into apartments have another thing to worry about now. In addition to hoping that they don't run into anyone or trip any alarms, now they've got to watch out for folks who set up motion-detecting cameras that send pictures of them red-handed to homeowners. The future!

The latest example of technology winning in the ever-escalating war on thievery comes from Chelsea resident Levent Cetine, 30, whose simple security set-up (a motion-detecting webcam) allowed the NYPD to capture a wannabe robber in the act.

Yesterday Cetiner's phone buzzed and showed him pictures of a man, who police say is 30-year-old José Perez-Quinonez, breaking into his Chelsea apartment. Cetiner called 911 and ran to his apartment, which he found had been deadlocked from the inside. He pounded on the door to try and scare the robber and waited for the cops who soon arrived. He then showed them the photos of his robber, as they heard the man exiting the apartment. The police then went behind the building where they found the "flustered filcher" trying to hide in a corner of the courtyard and arrested him.

In a world where average joes can set up live feeds to their homes we imagine the ADT-style security companies have to be a little anxious!