chelsea mini storage The Times has a good run down on the scene of the Chelsea mini-storage shooting last week. The incident occured on the third floor, in a warren of fluorescent lit hallways, after a plainclothes officer encountered Ousmane Zongo and shot him four times. The Times describes the third floor as something out of Alice and Wonderland, but the pictures on the CMS website remind me of the secret hallways in the Matrix Reloaded.

Contemplated from the point of view of, say, Alice in Wonderland, Chelsea Mini-Storage seems like a hall of riddles, with door after mysterious door.

Although grimy and coated with unimaginative gray or blue paint, many of the doors lead to cubicle-size rooms of African art — arch-browed masks, crooked carved stools and wooden figures bristling with rusty nails. In this unlikely setting, a whole community of art traders has made a home...

To get from his workshop to the place where he was said by his friends to have been shot, Mr. Zongo would have had to step into the hallway, turn left, go 27 paces, turn right, go 53 paces, turn left, go 60 paces, then turn right into a long hall with fluorescent lights. He would have passed 15 short, dead-end, dimly lighted hallways before turning into one and going 15 more paces to the wall. -Shaila K. Dewan, NYTimes