This new 24/7 Duane Reade that recently opened in Chelsea is off the chain. The two level store is, as their publicist so poetically puts it, "Duane Reade’s latest phase in its ongoing brand and customer experience transformation that brings to life the company’s brand mantra of 'New York Living Made Easy.'" And what ease awaits! You already knew about the Duane Reade sushi, but here you can also consume "locally-sourced" grocery items, fresh sandwiches, self-serve Starbucks coffee, single-serve entrees, baked goods, salads, produce, and, of course, many of the "DR Delish™ exclusive food and beverages brands" you've come to know and toleratelove. And if you need medical attention, they've gotcha covered, too!

The Chelsea Duane Reade features the company’s fifth "Doctor on Premises" walk-in medical care location, which operates in association with Beth Israel Hospital. And once you're done getting all fixed up by Dr. Reade, you'll want to proceed to the "Look Boutique," their "store within a store concept that features an exciting array of beauty, skincare and fragrance brands, including many prestige brands and other products exclusive to Duane Reade. The store will also include a Ramy Brow Bar where customers can get their eyebrows shaped while visiting the store." Honey, is this Duane Reade or Bliss?

Seriously, if Duane Reade's going to pull these slick moves at their forthcoming Bedford Avenue location, then Kings Pharmacy (which closes too damn early!) might as well just give up now and turn into a Barnes & Noble. That would take care of Spoonbill & Sugartown, which would be more useful as a Blockbuster, anyway!