Chelsea Clinton's "Wedding of the Century" is set to be held in Rhinebeck, NY on July 31st at the Astor Courts estate in the area. And though a great time is sure to be had by all, one Brooklyn teacher is pissed. Emn Haddad-Friedman has been planning her wedding for the past two years, set to take place in Rhinebeck on the same day of the former first daughter's nuptials. She told Yahoo, "I know she's not doing it on purpose. But Chelsea Clinton has taken what was supposed to be a special day for me and turned it into hell." There's only one way to solve this: Bridezilla boxing!

Expecting closed roads and lots of security, Haddad-Friedman says Clinton's 500 guest wedding could keep her guests from getting to her ceremony and reception, and she doesn't have the money to relocate on short notice. She said, "We're in a recession; we don't have the highest-paying jobs. I'm happy for Chelsea, but she's got planners and I've got my mom." Clinton even has the audacity to hold her rehearsal dinner at Haddad-Friedman's favorite restaurant!

At least Haddad-Friedman, who sorta regrets the Yahoo interview now, has a bigger-picture outlook on the day, "If none of the guests can get to the wedding, we're still getting married...As long as we’re there, a witness and some one who can marry us, we’re doing it." And, since everyone will already be dressed the part, there should be some epic wedding crashing going on.