Considerable blame for Donald Trump's shocking victory has been directed at the Democratic party establishment and the Clintons, but it seems the takeaway from Tuesday is not that Americans are tired of the Clintons, but that they secretly want more. Chelsea Clinton is reportedly being groomed for a run for Congress.

The NY Post reports that plans are being made for Chelsea Clinton to run for the seat that 28-year House veteran Nita Lowey currently holds, after Lowey retires. While Lowey hasn't announced any plans to retire, it hasn't stopped speculation among New York Democrats that she might do so soon, and fueled further idiotic speculation that extending "the Clinton brand" with a Chelsea candidacy is a good idea. Maybe this is just the Post having a little fun trolling sad liberals three days after the election, but it also feels way too likely to be true.

A source who spoke to the Post suggested there were a couple factors working in favor of a Chelsea Clinton for Congress campaign. Her poise while campaigning for her mother during her (disastrous, losing) campaign for president, coupled with her front and center role at the (compromised) Clinton Foundation have Democratic insiders ready to believe that she could build a base and raise money, instead of raising contemptuous laughter and building existential dread.

We reached out to Representative Lowey's office for comment and will update this story if we hear back.