Since people finally seem to believe Hillary Clinton when she says she's done running for offices, isn't it about time we had another Clinton to kick around, eh? Well, we very well may: today Politico puts forward the idea (which has been bouncing around for a bit) that Chelsea Clinton is ready to enter into her parent's profession. Perhaps she'll take a stab for 74-year-old Representative Nita Lowey's seat in a few years?

“Chelsea Clinton is a smart, ambitious, remarkable woman. If she chooses to pursue elected office someday, she would be a formidable candidate and fantastic public servant,” Lowey said regarding the idea in an emailed statement (after her spokesman stressed that she will be running for reelection in 2012).

Politico couldn't much comment on the story—the Clinton's have always been incredibly protective of their only child—but there is a lot of evidence that the married 31-year-old is increasingly ready to face the public. She worked her mom's campaign something fierce, she recently had “her coming out party" and her father's Global Initiative where she interviewed her mother and she's joined the board of directors at IAC, which is paying her $300,000/year. Interesting! Still, the public policy PhD student has a long way to go before she dives into politics, and it isn't really clear that she wants to be on the elected side of the equation. It may well be she wants to stay on the policy side of things.

But, hey, if Chelsea does decide to enter politics, we imagine she's ready for attacks from opponents—it can't get much crueler than John McCain was back in '98...