2006_11_hevesivote.jpgHilarious: The NY Times' election blog, The Empire Zone, reports that Chelsea Clinton's name wasn't found in the book of registered voters at the West 20th Street polling place: "The book containing her name was apparently forwarded to the wrong district, denying her the ability to enter a polling booth." D'oh! So she - and probably the other people in that book - had to fill out an "affidavit vote," ensuring that she would be able to participate in the democratic process. The Daily Politics found out that some Manhattan voters got old 2005 affidavit ballots - one for last year's Mayoral race. There's nothing like voting day in NYC! But at least potential voters aren't being threatened with arrest.

Have you voted yet? Was it busy or slow? Did you notice James McMillan on the ballot (last year, he ran for mayor under the rent is too damn high platform)? There was a funny bit on WNBC 4 at 6AM when reporter Vivian Lee ran into Al Roker casting his vote. State Comptroller Alan Hevesi voted in Forest Hills, Queens this morning - The Politicker has audio of what he said to reporters. Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and Mayor Bloomberg voted on the Upper East Side at PS 6. Andrew Cuomo voted somewhere in the city, Jeanine Pirro voted in Harrison, NY, Senator Hillary Clinton voted in Chappaqua, and Governor Pataki voted in Garrison NY.

There are a bunch of sites dedicated to documenting the vote. There's the Polling Place Project, Video the Vote, and Veek the Vote. WNYC has a Flickr Group, Snapshot of Democracy, of today's voting, and you can also tag your election day photos with "gothamist" on Flickr so we can see them.

Photograph of Alan Hevesi headed to vote at PS 144 in Forest Hills by Jason DeCrow/AP