Back in May, a fight between a Chelsea bouncer and patrons turned deadly when the bouncer apparently drew his gun, killing one patron and injuring the others. Then it turned out that Stephen Sakai had connections to three other Brooklyn deaths, and now, officials say that he will also be indicted for those murders. An anonymous source tells the NY Times that the indictments will be made public today, though Sakai's lawyer did not know of the charges. Sakai is pleading not gulity to the charges in the Manhattan incident outside his old employer, Opus 22.

Whlie the Manhattan DA's office says Sakai confessed on video, Sakai had this written statement filed about the shootings:

“I heard a shot and felt pressure in the back of my head and my head went forward. My body felt like a tingle from the back of my head all the way down to my legs. I felt like control of my body was not mine. I felt that a bullet was in the back of my head. I started to think about my life, things that I’ve done, things that I wanted to do.”

And, no, Sakai was not shot. He was also questioned about the Brooklyn murders, saying they were caused by other people, though admitting he had shot one of the victims, but not fatally. The Post says that during the interrogation, Sakai dropped into a "full split" to show why he wore his pants so baggy. But Sakai appeared in court yesterday in a wheelchair, "insisting he can no longer use his legs." This story just gets stranger and stranger.