I am pleased to report that, for the first time this winter, a snow forecast seems to be panning out more or less on schedule: As the flakes blow in sideways, that "hot mess" we promised you seems to be shaping up nicely. Indeed, it's certainly scrambling air travel, the whisper of a weather event apparently prompting our local airports to announce hundreds of cancellations around 7 a.m. today. LaGuardia slashed over 400 flights (or ~35 percent of the day's schedule); JFK cut 200; and Newark dumped 100.

My sincerest apologies to everyone who woke up early for their flight, looked outside and thought, without any ground cover or even, really, precipitation, everything would be fine.

The reasoning appears to be that things will get worse later on, and even since I began writing this, the flake pace has gained noticeable steam. The National Weather Service predicts that the snow will continue into the early early afternoon, followed by freezing rain and sleet, then regular rain all evening. Throughout much of the day, temps will hover in the high 20s and low 30s, although the wind (possible 20 mph at 10 a.m.) will make this feel more like teens, maybe low 20s. Temps should rise overnight, making for a warmer Wednesday.

This storm did not reserve its ire exclusively for New York, however, and therein lies the travel problem. According to AccuWeather, nearly 4 inches of snow already blanket Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, while Chicago O'Hare has canceled 250 flights, and Illinois itself owes more than 14,000 power outages to growing ice accumulations. While LaGuardia reports that most of its cancellations affected regional flights, airports nationwide must contend with winter weather, and those effects cascade out across the country. The mid-Atlantic and New England will continue to feel its effects all day.

As such, delays are also possible across the board. But I bet you'd intuited that already.