Williamsburg's only designated historic district is getting a fancy new preschool. According to renderings posted on Curbed, The School at Fillmore Place will teach young minds how to adapt to life inside a Design Within Reach catalogue.

The Architect's Newspaper has more context: "The three-story, 6,200-general-square-foot building’s design is derived from the Reggio Emilia philosophy of early childhood education, which posits that environment is an extremely important factor in learning." Almost as important as their parents' annual income.

Fillmore Place has nice brick row houses that date back to the 18th century, but it was also the childhood home to Henry Miller, who described it in the Tropic Of Capricorn as “The ideal street for a boy, a lover, a maniac, a drunkard, a crook, a lecher, a thug, an astronomer, a musician, a poet, a tailor, a shoemaker, a politician.”

Miller also once compared his erection to "a piece of lead with wings on it," but that's left out of the children's pop-up book series, "The Rosiest Crucifixion Makes A Friend."

You know who else loved Henry Miller? Max Cady.

Archpaper adds, "A glass and timber-framed curtain wall with integrated wood panels and furniture—storage bins, display cases, tables—provides open sightlines, offering children many opportunities to see out into their world, and feel a part of it, while engaging in their classroom activities."

It'll probably also have really good acoustics, the perfect environment to hear De Niro's cackle in Dolby.

The Max Cady School Of Biblical & High Modernist Revenge The School at Fillmore Place still has to be approved by the Landmarks commission, so these plans are subject to change.