Cicada lust may have given way to The Great Cronut Craze of 2013 over the last week, but we haven't forgotten about our hump-happy insect overlords. Billions of them emerged across the East Coast recently after 17 years dormancy underground, biding their time until high top fades made a comeback. We may not have gotten to see many outside of Staten Island, but who needs to see things in real life when there are gorgeous documentaries to watch!

Natural history filmmaker and time-lapse photographer Samuel Orr has been following and filming various broods of periodical cicadas since 2007. He's already collected over 200 hours of footage, but he has a Kickstarter in which he's trying to raise money to be able to film the Brood II from May-August 2013. All of that footage will go towards an hour long documentary that will be broadcast on PBS sometime in 2014. Based on the trailer below for "Return of the Cicadas," he certainly knows how to bring out the bugs' best sides.

Return of the Cicadas from motionkicker on Vimeo.