Back in 2012, the New York City Municipal Archives went digital, bringing 870,000+ of their old photographs online, many dating back to the mid-1800s. The online feature—which provides free and open research access to their holdings, which not only include photographs, but maps, motion-pictures and audio recordings—has been a work in progress since. That 870,000 number from 2012 was not even half of their holdings, which total out at 2.2 million. Now they've received a grant to expand their online archives.

According to the NY Times, the National Endowment for the Humanities announced yesterday that they would award a $125,000 grant to the Department of Records and Information Services "for the digitization of 30,000 of the pictures." The Department told us they'll start digitizing again once the grant comes in July. Click through for a preview of some old NYPD crime scene photos, but be warned, some are pretty grisly.