And thus ends the Atlantic Av-Pacific St era: just a few months after the first Barclays Center signage went up at the Atlantic Ave terminal, yesterday the MTA opened a shiny new entrance at this, the Most Controversial Subway Station Of Our Time, and NYCT Subway Scoop's uploaded a whole host of photos to Twitter showing off the work. The station connects the B, Q, 2, 3, 4, and 5 lines, as well as transfers to the LIRR, D, N, and R.

So does the new entrance seem worth the $76 million the MTA put into the station? Are you prepared for the impending Dawn of the Barclays Brooklyn, or are you sporting that "I'm still calling it Atlantic Av-Pacific St" tee? We happen to think it looks pretty nice, though the current absence of subway trash, rat patrons and blitzed basketball fans may have kept us from formulating an educated opinion. Scroll through the photos and decide for yourself!