With the budget settled, that means the City Council's spending is set, too. The Post reports, "Overall, council spending is going up $300,000, reaching $48.8 million when the new fiscal year begins July 1. The largesse is split up among the council's 51 members for pet projects and nonprofits in their districts and more expensive programs they fund with the speaker's pot of money." Notably, there's $85,000—by way of City Council members Maria Baez and Joel Rivera—for the Davidson Community Center, a community group that was taken off the list of worthy groups because of "poor performance on past contracts." If you want to read the whole document, PolitickerNY has it. PolitickerNY also found that the Council will review the grants, so re: Davidson, "They will go through the full review process. If they demonstrate that they have improved sufficiently, then they will get funding."