One of the best things about having a billionaire as a mayor, is that you know when this whole recession business is finally over (any day now!) he's gonna throw a huge rager—we're talkin ice luges, bro—to celebrate. To show us just how serious he is about this commitment, Mayor Bloomberg has just bought a 11 bedroom, 8 bathroom, 22,000 square foot mansion sitting on 35 acres of land in Southampton for $20 million. It's also next to the world-renowned National Golf Links of America, and you know what that means: everybody's getting laid!

Named "Ballyshear" by the father of the the 18-hole golf course, it was built in 1910 by famed architect F. Burrall Hoffman (of Villa Vizcaya fame, of course). According to Prudential realty, the property has a pool, a tennis court, and in a nod to Bloomberg's equine-loving daughter Georgina, horse stables and "pristine woodland" nearby, filled with horse trails. The yearly real estate tax is a mere $42,110, and according to the Post, the "deal involved layers upon layers of confidentiality agreements." Ohhh that's Bloomy for ya, keeping the details of the par-tay under wraps!

Is this place nicer than his Upper East Side crib (and the neighboring townhouse he's trying to buy up), his Bermuda bungalow, or his little love shack in Vail?