There are several unofficial holidays in NYC that Gothamist heartily celebrates, including blissful events like Empty NYC Day, the mad photo rush of Manhattanhenge, and of course, International You're Talented And Not A Disgrace And You Do Not Suck Day. But there may be no more quintessential NYC experience—or trial-by-fire—like spending part of Thanksgiving Eve navigating Penn Station during the great annual exodus from the city. For on this holy day, your god has found you lacking.

This year, things went about as expected: the crowds were thick, the trains were crowded, and the overheard conversations about petty family squabbles were positively Lynchian. And if you were one of those people who thought they could outsmart the crowds by leaving a little earlier in the day, you were sadly mistaken.

But hey, as bad as this looks, it appears the trains ran on time! And it still beats driving?

The Wednesday evening rush hour traffic headed out of NYC.