Taxis: when they're not being driven by drunk passengers, Nazis or creepazoids, they really come in handy! Whether you're drunkenly trying to get home at 3 a.m. or drunkenly trying to get home at 4 a.m., there are few more pleasant sights to behold. Over 170 million people took taxis in 2013—and below, you can see a visualization of all those pickups citywide. And maybe it can help you get an idea of the best places in NYC to pickup a cab.

The map was put together by a team at Cornell Tech, who crunched the data released by the Taxi Commission under the Freedom Of Information Act. They write: "We set out to answer an argument we've all had many times- where's the best place to walk and grab a cab?" Peruse their site for more fun graphs, including analysis of the most popular taxi routes in NYC, where passengers can get to within 10 minutes by taxi, and as you can see below, the best intersections to hail a cab.