How badly do you want to freeze your ass off surrounded by rabid football fans from parts of the country you have zero interest in while celebrities and politicians sneer at you from inside their heated luxury pleasure domes as large men concuss themselves into oblivion? $2,200? No? Okay, how about $1,150?

The prices of the cheapest Super Bowl tickets plummeted yesterday (probably as bitter Hoth-cold returned and New York uttered a collective "fuck this"), but have rebounded slightly today as the cheapest ticket now goes for a cool $1,410. For diehard Seahawks or Broncos fans, yesterday was definitely the day to use up all your matrimonial goodwill and cancel your daughter's summer camp to nab a ticket for the big game. The small rise in prices today mostly reflects the diminishing supply of tickets (probably because of aforementioned Broncos fan, who will be sleeping on the couch all Spring).

But once airfare and the ticket is paid for, accommodation shouldn't be too bad—despite charging $1300 a night back in June to spend the super weekend at the Days Inn in North Bergen, the hotel is now offering rooms for just $400 a night for the days leading up to and after the game! Even better, a room at the Hyatt Place Secaucus can be yours for $399, a mere $275 markup above their usual $125-a-night rate.

Without a vested interest in either team, is $1400 still cheap enough to get an individual to spend five hours outdoors, without the "benefits" of a few hours of tailgating? If this form of discomfort speaks to you, then head on over to Stubhub, where ticket prices will be rising all day.