The era of cabbies loudly yammering on their cell phones should officially end tomorrow, with the enforcement of the TLC's new penalties beginning for any driver caught using electronic devices. Any driver not legally parked and found using any electronic device—iPods, cellphones, satellite radios and GPS devices—will be fined $200 and be sent to a "rules refresher" course. A second infraction means a suspended license, and a third gets it revoked. So what will this mean for passengers?

The TLC hopes that passengers will report drivers who disobey by calling 311 or filing a report on the TLC's website. Cabbies have been furious about the new rules, saying it would prevent them from talking to their families in case of an emergency. "They just make the laws up and it's ridiculous. I can't talk to loved ones," 20-year cab vet Mark Goldshteyn griped to the Post. But maybe now they can find some new loved ones, right in the back of their cabs?