2005_06_buthorn.jpgMark one for citizens on patrol: After a man hit a mother in Brooklyn with his car and didn't stop, a chase ensued, leading to his arrest in Manhattan. Angelese Watson was hit at 7:50AM yesterday morning when she was crossing Fulton and Carlton in Fort Greene. The driver, Richard Williams, only stopped momentarily before tearing away. Newsday detailed the chase another man in a BMW undertook, which went from Flatbush, over the Manhattan Bridge, over to Eighth Avenue, where the BMW driver was screaming out his window for people to help, saying, "Help! Help! This guy just ran over someone in Brooklyn." U.S. Postal Inspector James Buthorn helped corral Williams until police came. Williams was charged with driving with an expired license and leaving the scene of the crime.

And a van carrying factory workers from Brooklyn to Long Island was sideswiped in a hit and run on the Southern State, killing three passengers and injuring a dozen others.

Photograph of James Buthorn from Newsday