temps_324sm.jpgHaving walked around in the windy, slushy weather of last night, Gothamist's mind was on staying warm as we went outside this morning. Even though it was colder than last night it didn't feel so cold without the wind and precipitation. We felt rather overdressed and were reminded of how our perception of the weather is sometimes more important than the weather itself.

If you have perceived that our weather has been cool lately you are not alone. Gothamist has been keeping a close eye on our daily high and low temperatures. We've not only kept a close eye on the weather, we've made a chart of daily high and low temperature anomalies! The first two weeks of the year were warm, as were the first two weeks of February and two days in early March. Except for those two days in March and a couple of near-normal days, our temperatures have been at or below normal since February 17th.

The cold spell shows no clear sign of stopping. AccuWeather is a bit more optimistic than Weather.com or the Weather Service in that they think our temperatures will be close to normal by the end of next week.