Charles Oakley, who's been keeping busy by being one of those crusty old 90s basketball dudes who complains about how soft everyone is now, agreed to a plea deal stemming from charges that he assaulted security guards trying to remove him from a Knicks game at MSG.

The buzzer-beating deal, which will require Oakley to stay out of trouble for six months and stay away from MSG for a year, came just a day before the Oak Man's trial was supposed to start. According to the Daily News, Oakley's change of heart was a philanthropic gesture to save taxpayers money and let the city focus on other things.

"Let's try to keep the streets better for kids instead of going to court," he said in Manhattan Criminal Court according to the paper.

The Knicks legend was facing assault and trespassing charges stemming from a scuffle that Oakley got into with MSG security while he watched a Knicks game on February 8th this year. Oakley claims he was peacefully watching the game, after buying his own tickets, and that Dolan specifically targeted him that night, allegedly telling security to roust him.

Oakley's attorney, Alex Spiro, told reporters that the plea deal exonerates Oakley in the case of the February incident. He also announced that Oakley might still sue Knicks owner and blues legend James Dolan, something many Knicks fans across the city can only dream about.

Oakley also seemed to be taking the ban on watching the rebuilding year Knicks live for one year in stride, telling reporter "Hey it's life," according to DNAinfo.