Charles Oakley Chooses Trial Over Plea Deal In MSG Assault Case

Oakley, looking like a man with nothing to worry about.
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Oakley, looking like a man with nothing to worry about. Jason Miller/Getty Images

Knicks legend Charles Oakley rejected a plea deal from prosecutors in his case related to his alleged assault of Madison Square Garden security officials yesterday, instead telling the court that he wants the case to go to trial.

The Times reports that Oakley appeared in front of a judge at Manhattan Criminal Court with his lawyer, Alex Spiro, yesterday and informed her that he wouldn't take a plea offered by the Manhattan district attorney's office to dismiss the charges of assault, harassment and trespassing as long as he stayed out of trouble for 6 months.

Oakley's upcoming trial, which was set to start August 4th, stems from a February 8th incident in which Oakley tussled with security guards who were trying to kick him out of a Knicks/Clippers game. Oakley contends that he paid for his ticket out of his own pocket and that he was only confronted by security guards because Knicks owner James Dolan had a grudge against him.

Following the incident, in which fans chanted for Oakley and rallied around the former Knicks star, the Knicks continued their ace P.R. work by releasing a series of statements blaming Oakley for the whole thing and suggesting he needed "help." While a lifetime ban from MSG against Oakley was quickly dropped by Dolan thanks to the intervention of NBA commissioner Adam Silver, the charges against Oakley never were, leading to this summer's upcoming trial.

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