Instead of helping a Pee Wee football league buy helmets and pom poms, a charity founded by two Queens Democrats spent $400,000 on salaries, “expenses,” consultants and meals, paperwork shows. The Rosedale Jets Football Association submitted an application to New Directions, hoping to receive some of its funding for community outreach. "They said they never received our application," said Gerald Karikari, an immigration lawyer and the team's chief financial officer.

Recently New Directions got in trouble when a foundation for the victims of Hurricane Katrina said it hadn’t received a cent of the money supposedly being raised for its cause. Rep. Gregory Meeks and Sen. Malcolm Smith both say they aren’t responsible for the charity’s missing money, “despite the fact that they started the nonprofit, are pictured accepting donations for the group, and stocked the board with cronies.” The Post delves deeper into the problems with the nonprofit’s paperwork. According to the tabloid, New Directions raised about $600,000 over seven years, but spent only a third of that. Even the money it did hand out is suspect, because much it is listed as “cash donation” with no further explanation.